• We are building a bridge to the crypto world

    LegalHub is to the blockchain what the email client is to TCP/IP: an interface allowing non-technical users to interact with read & write functionalities on the blockchain.

  • A powerful document generation solution for the blockchain

    Why LegalHub?

    Today, the world is organized via a series of documents - contracts, case filings and accounting reports are the backbone of any business. In order for traditional companies to make their processes compatible with the crypto-space, those documents will need to be moved to the blockchain. We are making this possible by allowing anyone without a programming background to register documents and to create smart contracts on the blockchain.


    Likewise, crypto-services will need to seamlessly connect to a complex, historically grown regulatory environment and comply with minimal reporting standards if they want to acquire a base of customers that goes beyond early adopters. Our blockchain monitoring module creates reports that can be exported as monthly statements or annual tax reports, using interactive templates prepared in collaboration with local legal services providers.

    Core technology

    At the core of LegalHub lies a powerful object-oriented workflow and document generator, allowing to create document templates and to make them available on a web-based portal. Users (humans or machines) select a template in the document repository and fill out the data requested by the system. Two formats are generated as an output: human-readable document formats (.pdf / .doc) and a machine-readable content artifact (JSON, XML, EDI). Should a smart contract template (“micro-contract”) be attached to the document, the data which was introduced by the user or customer is also used to generate and parameter a smart contract on Ethereum or Hyperledger. The contract will be registered and enforced by the blockchain automatically - without the user having to know how smart contracts work.

    DApp ecosystem

    The core system can be augmented by connecting a series of modules allowing users to program blockchain-connected applications (DApps) covering a wide array of use cases (certification, reporting, voting services). Just like Wordpress has allowed to create websites without the need to start from a blank page, LegalHub will allow users to create new blockchain-based app using existing modules, allowing them to focus on adding value instead of working on basic technological challenges that dozens of others have already solved before.

  • Accelerating the transition to tokenized economies

    Tokenization is making bringing immense potential benefits and makes entirely new business models possible. We facilitate this movement by building DApps with a series of partners, solving some of the important problems facing traditional companies and crypto businesses.


    National regulators will not be accepting much longer that large crowdsales are conducted without any oversight. In collaboration with a leading Swiss law firm, LegalHub is designing a solution allowing identity providers to certify the identity of a person by producing a smart contract in parallel to the usual paper documents. This smart contract connects the public key of the user with her verified identity and can be used to register in an unlimited number of ICOs during its validity period.


    Money laundering is big issue that the use of AML/CFT lists alone will not be able to solve. The nature of DLT makes every crypto-coin traceable and the recent Parity wallet hack - among other similar events - has created a risk for ICO teams to see their assets seized in case they include illegitimate funds. Together with a large upcoming ICO project, we are building an AML module allowing to trace and document the origin of funds for each investor, verifying that no stolen coins are being transferred.


    Switzerland is ranked #71 by the World Bank for company creations - the process is slow and cumbersome. Providing means to decentralize the process by connecting all the actors (founders, banks, notaries and regulators) digitally has a tremendous potential to reduce the administrative overhead. LegalHub is currently prototyping a Swiss commercial register on the blockchain as part of a Swiss-wide innovation program, in collaboration with several major national actors.


    Having a reliable valuation of digital assets is not only a mandatory tax requirement, it is also important for investors who want to keep track of their portfolio. LegalHub is working on a Proof of Concept with a F500 company with the objective to analyze blockchain data, aggregate the movements, convert the amounts into fiat using an online oracle service and produce human-readable .pdf reports with historic price data for a range of cryptocurrencies.

  • About us

    Antoine Verdon - CEO

    Antoine holds a Master of Law from the University of Fribourg and St Gallen. A founder of Sandbox (now “Thousand Network”), a global network of young entrepreneurs under 30, he has set up and Ied Centralway Ventures, the first Swiss venture capital vehicle investing exclusively in financial technology. 2010 and in 2013, he was named in the 100 top Swiss personalities by the magazines L'Hebdo and Bilan.

    Patrick Allemann - CTO

    Patrick has extensive knowledge of security and cryptography, having worked in various projects in the context of secure data storage. He is founder of futuretek AG, a technology solution provider, and has been actively involved in cryptocurrencies since 2012. Previously, he gained a broad experience in various technology and business positions across several sectors, with a focus on banking.

  • Become a Beta Tester

    We are building LegalHub DApps with a small number of international partners. Feel free to contact if you are interested to join our working group.