• Automating simple legal advice

    LegalHub is a blockchain-based document automation technology

    Templating technology

    We are using a self developed, extremely flexible document generation technology. This allows our team to encode templates of contracts presenting even the most complex workflows and conditions (including whole sets of documents).

    Chatbot interface

    New interfaces are starting to facilitate human-to-machine interaction. Using our chatbot, clients can interact with the system using natural language (via text or voice), asking questions just like they would to their in-house counsel.

    Blockchain-based security

    The use of blockchain technology brings an added layer of security to the generation, versioning, signing and storage of documents. With this backbone we can make their execution dependable of the realization of set conditions (smart contracts).

    Flexible APIs

    A range of APIs allows humans or machines to interact with our system. Clients can automate their business processes, or embed our service onto their own website. Third-parties can offer and sell added value services using our system as a base.

  • About us

    Antoine Verdon

    Antoine holds a Master of Law from the University of Fribourg and St Gallen. A founder of Sandbox (now “Thousand Network”), a global network of young entrepreneurs under 30, he has set up and Ied Centralway Ventures, the first Swiss venture capital vehicle investing exclusively in financial technology. 2010 and in 2013, he was named in the 100 top Swiss personalities by the magazines L'Hebdo and Bilan.

    Patrick Allemann

    Patrick has extensive knowledge of security and cryptography, having worked in various projects in the context of secure data storage. He is founder of futuretek AG, a technology solution provider, and has been actively involved in Cryptocurrencies since 2012. Previously, he gained a broad experience in various technology and business positions across several sectors, with a focus on banking.

  • Become a Beta Tester

    We are testing the LegalHub technology with a small number of law firms looking to sell automated legal documents and contracts through our marketplace. Feel free to contact if you are interested to join our working group.